Make a splash at record-breaking swimmer’s new wellbeing centre

A disused goat farm in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside is set to open this May as an innovative new open-water swimming and wellbeing centre, complete with seven-acre lake and a multi‐purpose activity barn.

Behind the scheme is record-breaking Adam Walker, the first British person to swim the ‘Oceans 7’, the toughest seven channel swims on the globe, and only the fifth person in the world to complete this ultimate endurance challenge.

Together with partner Gemma Clarke, they have transformed the site into a centre of excellence for swimming and wellbeing, which opens on 24 May 2021.

Nestled on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, the Ocean Walker Academy features a lake with four islands, three acres of elevated landscaped garden, which provide viewing points across the site, and a multi-use activity barn with an indoor endless pool (using an adjustable current for continuous swimming), gym, and café with lakeside views.

Offering kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, as well as swimming, at the heart of the development is the unique lake, designed to be safe for all ages and abilities, as well as interesting to navigate, thanks to curves and islands.

And with wellbeing in mind, the bespoke Ocean Walker Crystal Lake also offers an added natural benefit too – it is built over Lincolnshire Calcite Crystal, which is believed to possess therapeutic benefits relieving stress and anxiety.

Within The Wellness Barn is a high-performance endless pool with video equipment for swim stroke analysis. Aimed at everyone from professional swimmers and triathletes to complete beginners, lessons are available from world class coaches, including Adam. Water therapy is also available with a sensory experience.

Plenty more activities are planned too, including pilates, yoga, stargazing, sound healing… and even swimming with your dog.

The development is a dream come true for Adam, who developed the ‘Ocean Walker Technique’ – a way of swimming which can overcome injury – and Gemma, co-founder and head coach.

He developed the swimming technique after sustaining a shoulder injury while tackling the English Channel, and the new front crawl stroke allowed him to go on to swim six more channels, including 17 hours non‐stop in Hawaii, completing 60 km, and swimming from Ireland to Scotland.

Teaching the Ocean Walker Technique over the last seven years in over 16 different countries, the couple wanted to find a site that would have the potential to “change people’s lives” on an even bigger scale. They found it in the 17-acre disused goat farm.

Adam says, “The place was in a bit of a mess when we moved in, everything was overgrown, and a lot of work was needed. I couldn’t get to my front door due to all the geese poo! But we always had the vision of what it could become, and it was well worth all the effort. We hope everyone will love it as much as we do.”

Swimming and other watersports will be available six days a week, from May to October, while swim and swim/run events will be staged in the summer at the centre, which backs on to an ancient woodland.

Adds Gemma, “It really is a special place, whether you are swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, walking around the stunning venue or doing many of the other activities we will have on offer, I’m sure everyone will feel the benefits.”

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