MARK specialises exclusively in travel and destination PR

He provides quality press & PR support to a wide range of clients.

Years in the

Mark Hibbert Media Services is not your typical PR agency!

As a former journalist, my approach is very much relationship-driven, with both media and clients.

For me, it’s all about the story. And I’ve been dealing with news stories for just about my entire career, whether from the viewpoint of a journalist, or from the perspective of PR.

As a media relations specialist with 40 years experience in journalism and PR, I have delivered quality services and coverage for a variety of projects and campaigns, ranging from individual attractions to destinations and consortiums.

Switching from journalism – where I covered everything from politics to video reviews and leader comment writing – to PR, I spent four years as national PR manager for high street retailer Wilkinson, and two years as in-house media manager for destination marketing organisation, Lincolnshire Tourism.

As well as plenty of PR experience and challenges I also picked up an Institute of Public Relations Diploma along the way.

Since April 2006 I have been running my own media relations business working with a number of clients, specialising in travel and destination PR.

I have worked on international, national and regional PR campaigns, and very proud to have worked, and continue to work, with some great UK destinations and attractions over the last 14 years.

Given the range of destinations, attractions and accommodation which I now represent, I’m confident enough to be able to say that I can usually come-up with something to match most enquiries.

In addition to leading national and regional travel contacts, I have also worked with overseas media, and lucky enough to have attended travel media events in many countries over the years.

I also highly value the close working relationship that I’ve built up with the VisitBritain and VisitEngland press teams, both within the UK and worldwide.


Meet My Associates

  • After three and a half decades involvement in travel PR, Ian passed the baton across to Mark Hibbert on August 31, 2020. Having created Ian Weightman Media Services, Ian has specialised in destination PR for 35 years, and has represented some of the best-known destinations and attractions across the UK. He is a well-known and well-respected figure within the tourism industry; and has a strong relationship with travel writers worldwide. For the last 10 years Mark Hibbert has been an associate of IWMS, offering additional support when required. Ian will now provide support to Mark, in a freelance capacity.

    Ian Weightman

With a background in journalism, my aim is to offer as much support as I can to travel journalists looking for news, images, and ideas from many areas of the UK.

It’s all about the story.

So, this website is here to provide a news-hub for travel editors and writers – highlighting some great destinations, stories and press visits.

But I’m always happy to help if you need anything in particular; or want to look at a story from an entirely different angle.

Just get in touch…