A sneak peek behind the scenes of BRICKOSAURS!

A specialist team is spending an estimated 969 days, using more than two million bricks, to bring the spectacular event BRICKOSAURS! to life ahead of its debut this spring and summer.


From 5 April to 1 September 2019, families, LEGO brick and dinosaur enthusiasts alike will be able to discover up to 50 sculptures as well as enjoy a few interactive surprises.


The creators, Bright Bricks, are the world’s largest independent professional LEGO brick building firm with more than 60 staff using in excess of 30 million bricks each year at their warehouse in Bordon, Hampshire.


It will take the artists anything from one hour to create a Compsognathus to an estimated 1500 hours to complete the T-Rex, which will be the largest touring LEGO brick dinosaur ever made, roughly the equivalent weight of a white rhino.


To build a BRICKOSAUR, a creative meeting involving 12 team members takes place to decide on the species and the exact pose to ensure the design will pass rigorous health and safety checks. Designers then create a 3D digital model featuring the LEGO bricks and colours using computer sculpting software. Teams of between two and eight then build each sculpture around specially made stainless steel frames to ensure structural integrity and safety, gluing together one brick at a time.


Bright Bricks’ Creative Director Ed Diment says, “BRICKOSAURS is a genuine world first on a scale never attempted before. We are delighted Marwell Zoo will debut the event and we’re really looking forward to seeing the sculptures in place and the public’s reaction.”


BRICKOSAURS will be included with general admission to the zoo. Guests will receive a free spotter’s guide and will be able to try their hand at making their own creations at BRICKOSAURS Basecamp where a few other surprises will also be in store.