Coffee. Cake. And a view

For anyone who knows me, this won’t come as much of a surprise.

But I’m a little bit partial to a good cup of coffee.

I rather like a nice slice of cake too – and if it comes with a view, then even better.

So, as a caring, sharing sort of fellow, I thought I’d highlight some of my favourites.

While, of course, things aren’t quite the same these days, there are still plenty of cafes out there who’d really love your business… in a socially distanced way, naturally.

While it’s always worth checking for the latest updates before you visit, even if you can’t enjoy a coffee and cake right now,  how about planning for a future trip?

I can’t think of a better way of starting off than with this rather splendid cappuccino, gorgeous carrot cake… and I think this counts as a view, don’t you?

Kynance Cove Café overlooking the stunning turquoise waters, coastal cliffs and white sand beaches of this idyllic part of West Cornwall.

Bit of a trek, even more so if the tide’s in, but judge the rather delightful rewards for yourself!

Now then. where next?

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