Hull continues its cultural celebration

Last year, Hull celebrated its status as the 2017 UK City of Culture with an amazing 12 month programme packed with spectacular events.

Now, the city is building on its success with more great events, and plenty of plans in place for new hotels and entertainment venues.

Hull has already unveiled ‘Absolutely Cultured’ – a new name for the organisation behind last year’s internationally-acclaimed programme of events, which is already starting to line-up a whole host of imaginative events: from a giant domino run that will create a moving sculpture using thousands of breezeblocks; to a new winter outdoor event using light projections and soundscapes that will draw on links with Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Put simply, Absolutely Cultured has a mission to create ambitious, surprising and sometimes challenging art works that will also help to bring people and communities together.

The largest event will come towards the end of the year, with Urban Legends: Northern Lights.

An ambitious large-scale outdoor event, this will light-up the dark winter nights, using projection and commissioned soundscapes.  Hull’s city centre will be painted with moving animations and atmospheric music, drawing inspiration from the connections between the countries of Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Hull.

Absolutely Cultured will also continue to run a programme of exhibitions and events at the new Humber Street Gallery – now, a firm fixture in the regenerated Fruit Market area close to Hull Marina.

Interactive machines and augmented realities, for eample, will take over the gallery spaces up to Septemebr 30 for Measures of Life, The Lumen Prize for Digital Art.  Celebrating some of the most extraordinary and innovative art being created with technology, all the artists are either winners or finalists of annual international award, the Lumen Prize for Digital Art.

And from 13 October Oftober 13 to January 6, 2019, the Gallery will host Jamie Reid XXXX: 50 years of Subversion and the Spirit, an exhibition of the work of British artist and anarchist, Jamie Reid.  Through his art, music, performance and politics, Reid has become something of a punk icon, rebelling against society’s social and cultural injustices.  His signature newspaper-cutting graphics have become synonymous with the spirit of British punk, from his collaboration on the Suburban Press (1971-1975) to, most notably, his iconic album artwork for the Sex Pistols.

With a few more surprises along the way – and many more still to come – Hull has found a new confidence and a renewed reputation; and it has taken its place at the top table alongside many other regenerated and culturally vibrant UK cities.

But it’s all just getting under way, with a website already in place to aid and encourage more visitors to travel to Hull and back:

Photo credits: Victoria Square, Neil Nicklin || Made in Hull, Thomas Arran

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