Enjoy Jane Austen at home

Hampshire’s Jane Austen’s House has launched online experiences that bring its treasures directly into the homes of fans across the globe.

Jane Austen’s novels have been a comfort to many during this difficult year, and now, as restrictions return, ‘Jane Austen’s House From Home’ offers a chance to stroll through the House on a virtual tour, explore the gardens with the Museum cat, or take in an online exhibition.

The museum, set in the house where Austen lived and completed all her novels, had been open to visitors since August, although many have remained unable to visit. Now, as restrictions take hold again, the museum hopes to entertain and enlighten fans with Jane Austen’s House From Home this winter.

Accessible via the website, it will allow, for the first time, visitors to explore Jane Austen’s House virtually via a 360° tour.

Fans will be transported to the picturesque red brick country cottage in the small Hampshire village of Chawton, where they can follow in Jane Austen’s footsteps, including visiting the small, unassuming 12-sided walnut table where she wrote and revised all her novels. This brand-new tour includes detailed information for each scene, and audio to bring the experience to life. The virtual tour was created by Pan 3Sixty Limited, working with illustrator James Robinson.

Not wanting to leave out younger visitors, also included is a 360° Cat’s Eye Audio Tour for families, allowing little ones to explore Jane Austen’s Garden under the expert guidance of the Museum cat!

Additionally, two virtual exhibitions are included: Jane Austen’s Artful Letters, exploring the importance of letters in Jane Austen’s life and work and A Choice Collection of Curiosities, a witty exploration of Jane Austen’s Teenage self and writings, through objects in the Museum collection.

In addition to Jane Austen’s House From Home, fans are able to enjoy online events from Jane Austen’s House including the recently launched Austen Wednesdays series premiering monthly on YouTube and a virtual tea party hosted online in celebration of Jane Austen’s birthday on 16th December.

For more details, visit https://bit.ly/2Gm4wIj


Image: Virtual Tour Chawton Village Street (Credit: Pan 3Sixty & James Robinson)