Discover ‘Secret Art’ in The Yorkshire Wolds

A highly innovative Secret Art ‘trail’ has been created along the Yorkshire Wolds Way, using the latest technology – and giving visitors the opportunity to ‘see’ poetry and paintings floating in the landscape.

Visitors will also be able to upload their own paintings and poetry to create a virtual gallery in the landscape.

The idea stemmed from a desire to create a new and environmentally friendly “Art Gallery” in the Yorkshire Wolds, and a partnership between Ruth Rowland of Wolds Edge ( and the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail.

Together, over time, they have already come-up with various creative and original ideas – such as leaving mini postcards in the form of tiny painted stones to be hidden in local geocaching boxes.

The shared ideas continued, and a further collaboration with Walk Unlimited brought on board ‘Traces’, an app that can be downloaded and used to upload and discover hidden images, audio or video – by using a mobile phone or tablet in any G3-plus location.

Using this technology, they have now created a Virtual Art Gallery in the Yorkshire Wolds – with the aim of promoting East Yorkshire, The Yorkshire Wolds Way and local artists, along with the concept of health and wellbeing for visitors.

As such, the newly launched trail is aimed at people of all ages, and designed to encourage more people to get out into the spectacular Yorkshire Wolds countryside.

One of the key inspirations for this project was David Hockney. The creators of the Virtual Art Gallery felt that the technology element to this scheme was a perfect match for the famous iPad drawings created by Hockney in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Hull’s position as the 2017 UK City of Culture gave all partners in the scheme a target for the launch of Secret Art. And the trail is another addition to the City of Culture’s Season 2 theme of ‘Routes and Roots’ – as it follows the Yorkshire Wolds Way, starting at the Humber Bridge and ending at Filey Brigg, while exploring art, poetry and culture along the way.

The creators have worked in tandem with Hull2017, inviting artists they recommended to become part of this project. And while exploring the concept of this virtual world, the group made contact with a company called Traces which has enabled them to hide content in the real world that can only be accessed through a mobile device.

The project has also been given a second level, with the introduction of poetry as an audio element to Secret Art.

Famous Yorkshire Poet, Ian Macmillan has written and recorded a “secret poem” for the virtual gallery, and poetry points have also been placed along the Wolds Way for walkers to discover and share their thoughts about the Yorkshire Wolds. Some of these will then be selected for inclusion in the Secret Art Gallery.

So far, ten local artists have produced art work for the launch of Secret Art; and users are being encouraged to also look out for downloadable discount vouchers and prizes that can be redeemed with local artists and galleries.

It is hoped that Secret Art will now attract new visitors into the Yorkshire Wolds, support local artists and galleries, get people outdoors for better health and wellbeing and encourage the public to become involved and interact by uploading their own art work and comments to the Secret Art Map on the Traces App.

Secret Art will officially be launched on April 10. Full details can now be found at, where visitors will also find a link to download the app ‘Traces’.

Further details about The Yorkshire Wolds Way is at

And tourist information about the area is available at