A fresh start for the Derby pyclet

The latest chapter in the ancient history of the Derby Pyclet is being written by endurance runner, and superfood hero, Katie Gibson.


The Derby Pyclet Parlour (http://www.pycletparlour.co.uk) is now as good a reason as any for being tempted into the city’s colourful old Market Hall which, itself, celebrated its 150th anniversary earlier this year.


The Derby pyclet is unique to the city, and was reintroduced to the city in modern times by the Monk family in 1864, with the opening of the Pyclet Bakery in Edward Street. Emily Monk took her place behind her barrow under the Guildhall clock where she sold pyclets “every day, bar high days and holidays” until 1963. The rise of the supermarket and lack of interest from younger members of the family, however, led to the end of pyclet production in Derby in 1974.


Mark Hughes and Martin Reid were responsible for resurrecting, reinventing and reintroducing the pyclet to the city in 2011; while Gibson took possession of the secret recipe earlier this year – reopening The Pyclet Parlour in Derby’s Market Hall on September 1st.


The Derby pyclet remains one of Derbyshire’s greatest food traditions, with an original history that can be traced back to Saxon times (potentially making this the original flatbread of England!).


Flat crumpets, made with milk from a local dairy, and baked on griddles, the pyclets can be bought to take home, or else garnished on the spot with a mouthwatering choice of toppings.


A sports nutritionist, Gibson has retained all of the same toppings, but is now looking at ways of adding healthier options (as well as a full macro breakdown) so that current day pyclet eater can add them to their diet and have a tasty healthy, nutrition packed lunch to break up a week of food prep!


The pyclets and most of their toppings, says Gibson, all feature fresh ingredients – many of them sourced from the neighbouring Market Hall stalls.


As such, it’s not only a natural approach to sports nutrition (and a fresh take on superfoods)…but also a delicious place to go for a snack you’re not likely to find anywhere else in the world – all of it served up on Royal Crown Derby fine bone china.


VisitDerby has featured a list of Top 16 Places To Eat & Drink in Derby 2016, on its website: http://www.visitderby.co.uk/dine/top-16-places-to-eat-drink-in-derby-2016/.


Full details of The Pyclet Parlour, meanwhile, can be found at http://www.pycletparlour.co.uk.